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04 June 2015

The majority of businesses send the same emails over and over again. In estate agency, it's emails like these:

  • Valuation appointments and confirmations
  • Property matches
  • Offer responses
  • "What happens next?" emails
  • Stuff that you've been meaning to add to an FAQ page on your website for 3 years now (about the area, how to find your branch, what conveyancing is, that sort of thing)

For most agents, your estate agency software will handle a good proportion of this type of email.

But what about the FAQ responses? Or emails that fall between the gaps?

If you use Microsoft Outlook to send your emails, there's a brilliant little tool called 'Quick Parts' that allows you to build up a library of commonly used text snippets and insert them into your emails with two clicks.

Bet you've never heard of it?

To be honest, I've been using Outlook since it was introduced in Office 97, and I hadn't heard of it until today either. Apparently it was introduced with the 2007 version.

So how do you get started with using it? Simple:

  1. Open up a new email message
  2. Type the block of text that you'd like to create a snippet for
  3. Select the text you've typed
  4. Go to the 'Insert' tab at the top
  5. Click the 'Quick Parts' icon
  6. Click 'Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery'
  7. Give it a name and hit 'OK'

To insert the snippet into a new email, you go back to the 'Insert' tab, click 'Quick Parts' again and click the snippet you want to insert. Easy.

This is going to save me time every day - what about you?


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29 November 2015 09:50:29
That is a great idea to speed up emails
22 December 2015 17:16:47
Any internet marketing expert will tell you that “The Money Is In The List!” which basically means that if you're doing any sort of sales online then you should be growing your email list. However it's not just about attaining a large mailing list, but keeping on top of it too so these are some really useful tips on how to increase productivity in this area!
17 February 2016 16:03:56
Great advice - thank you! Definitely going to save me some time...