Building relationships with new landlords

01 February 2012

Regular readers of the Modern Estate Agent will know what big fans we are of agents who take the time to put together good, informative content for their customer base. 

Landlords ebook

Whether that's in the form of blogs, local area information or downloadable 'how-to' guides, not only does it give your company more visibility on Google, it also helps you soft-sell your experience (and as a result, your services) to your audience. 

Some 18 months ago, Neil Young of Young London wrote a guest blog for us - Why how-to guides are good for business - and the topic is just as relevant today as it was then. 

We followed that up by mentioning the guided walks that Marsh & Parsons had put together for out-of-area house hunters. These were very shareable (think Twitter, Facebook and good old fashioned email) and paint a great picture of the lengths M&P will go to on customer service. 

Kudos to Knight Property Management for their 50 1/2 killer landlord tips ebook then. Directors Jan and David have put together a very professional branded PDF guide, full of advice for new landlords.  

And by requesting contact details as part of the process to download the guide, they are adding to their leads database (to help find new landlords) and opening up opportunities to build new relationships. 

In fact the one bit of constructive criticism I would make is that using the word 'Killer' in the title feels a bit 'get rich quick' for me - but that's just a personal preference.

When we contacted Jan, she was very happy to let us post a copy of their guide up as an example for other agents to follow.

After all, the landlord just starting out today is the potential portfolio landlord of tomorrow!

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17 May 2013 14:28:00
Your blog is a brilliant example of useful and compelling information for buyers. Good work!
04 June 2014 19:14:07
In principle a Landlord will just be your landlord and nothing more I doubt he will ever be your best buddy.How many are your buddies there when rent comes late or some property is damaged?In my opinion always keep a respectful distance and get an inventory clerk.
04 November 2014 10:22:09
Great post thank! I get this question a couple of time a week and this will really help us all back at the office
03 December 2014 11:16:29
Excellent piece - well worth the read! Thank you!
04 May 2015 10:56:39
Couldn't agree more, it's important to have an agent who take the time to put together good, informative content like Autograph Estate Agents who have high quality content in addition to their quality service.
17 September 2015 13:06:57
I learnt alot of lessons the hard way regarding landlords back when I was a student. Of course they are notoriously bad and we all learn from our mistakes but blogs like these mean people probably won't make the same mistakes I did!
17 December 2015 12:40:21
With the rise of apps where you can 'rate your landlord' landlords are increasingly under pressure to behave and not treat their tenants inappropriately.
12 October 2016 13:26:44
You have to make sure that you build a good relationship with your landlord. You will deal with them everyday because you are staying in their property. Through this way, you can live their with peace and harmony.
22 December 2016 12:59:29
If you have a good relationship with the landlord, you're likely to get that favor, but if you've needlessly created disputes with the landlord over minor issues, then you're not likely to get any accommodation to your needs. Always aim to pay your rent on time, communicate and act in a good faith, cooperate with with agents when your lease is ending, and don't skip out on your obligations.