How to find landlords? Use a landlord database of course

20 January 2012

One of the most common challenges we heard from letting agents last year was winning new rental business - finding more landlords.

If you're in the business you won't need telling that, as a result of being the growth part of the industry, lettings has become much more competitive in recent years. Plenty of start-up agents (often with with cut-price management services) have popped up, previously sales-only estate agents have added lettings departments, and established agents are often finding their fees being pressurised as a result.

A good letting agent will maintain a database of local landlords of course. They'll have built their CRM up over the  years through advertising responses, networking, tenant referrals, land registry information and the like.

But when we saw a residential landlords database being marketed last October, we realised that not many of the agents we were talking to had been doing anything with bought-in contact lists.

Having checked the company and list out as being reputable, we passed the details on to some of our core customer base. A few of them went on to buy their local postcode areas and, a couple of months later, we're hearing some good things back.

One told us about a portfolio landlord with nine properties they were just tying up. Another had been instructed on a couple of extra properties here and there.

And so we decided it was about time we mentioned it on here too.

Find landlords using Target Located's residential landlord database

The company providing the list are Targets Located. Their data costs around 30p per record and is collected via seminars, events, conferences and the like - a total of 87,000 names which are being sold (with an exclusivity period) by postcode area.

Anyone interested should contact Joe Cunningham on 0151 353 7462, or by email at for further information.

We'd love to hear back on how you get on.

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Sean Drakes
24 January 2012 11:28:29
Hi we have used this database. The amount of landlords available in our postcode wasn't massive but we had a great ROI.
09 March 2012 16:23:40
Agree. Yes, finding landlords can be a bit problematic. Nice find with TargetsLocated.
21 March 2012 16:57:33
I can confirm that Targets Located have a good file of landlords as we have used it in the past. We have two or three additional files that are constructed in a very different way - from landlords direct signing up to a web service to promote their properties. We have circa 60,000 landlords with average portfolios on 7.8 properties, although some have 100+. This is the professional landlord market. We can be contacted on 0844 9395740.
09 November 2012 10:57:02
If anybody gives this mailing list a go please contact me on would be very interested to hear on peoples success.
Peter Brooke
17 April 2013 09:01:01
Thanks for the heads up on this one! we always found it difficult to increase the number of contact details we had for landlords, purchased 720 odd from Joe and one or two hic ups we are really happy with it!
17 April 2013 16:22:49
Thanks for letting us know Peter. From feedback, I think people are generally finding that direct mail is the way to go.

Kevin Harris
10 June 2013 15:01:48

I've just opened a letting agency in my area. The only problem with these lists are that they will only show you the landlords in your area and not the 'let' properties in your area. We are only licenced to market properies in our area postcodes. Can I ask anyone that has used these lists, have you found that the landlords tend to have properties close to where they live or not?

I like the idea of this but don't want to part with cash only to find out that all the landlords properties are in other areas.I hope that makes sense.


08 July 2013 13:25:18

Please could I have some information on the above.

Many thanks

Stuart Parr

Parr Property Estates Ltd

26 July 2013 11:52:31
hi joe
currently i spoke on the phone about private landroad details . could you send me more information please .
06 September 2013 15:17:12
Sounds like a very good database of landlords. Is it up to date?
27 October 2013 19:54:13
I think email is a really powerful to reach out to landlords and at 30p for a lead seems very fair. 87,000 names represents a hefty amount of leads out of the supposed 1.9million UK landlords
17 January 2014 10:44:53
Having a substantial database is clearly important. Also, we find that when we sell a property, look after the buyer and they may well use you as their letting agent.
Azhar Khan
31 March 2014 18:23:21
Hi i am an estate agent and would like info on obtaining landlord cotact details.
16 April 2014 14:19:15
Dear Mr Cunningham,
could you please let me know how much should I pay for the landlords database referred to the postcode: N1 and what kind of information has it got?
Furthermore, could you please let me know the how long it is the period I could use the database? I guess it should be renewed after the due time.
Thank you very much for your attention.
Kind regards,
24 June 2014 11:30:50
would be interested in finding out more about a landlord database in Swindon Wiltshire..
21 July 2014 09:05:35
Thanks for the link, it sounds great. Finding landlords can be tricky at times, I hope this could be of some use.
MD @ STC Properties
31 October 2014 18:23:21
I'm interested in a database for my start up Lettings agent covering North london & immediate Essex. Anyone with any advise or database available, please contact me at Kind regards
11 November 2014 13:04:54
Nice post, I have to try this out soon seems like good value for money!
24 November 2014 11:51:57
'Targets Located' only provide a minimum number of contact details, 1000 if remember correctly.
Joe Cunningham
07 January 2015 12:46:41
Hi Everyone, just a quick update on volume. There are currently just over 74,000 records available, feel free to drop me line if you are interested:
09 February 2015 12:42:42
Hi our company bought this data in December and we contacted a 3rd of people and our responses were not great. I have made a complaint and seems to be taking forever for someone to get back to us considering we paid good money for these 700 odd records. Would love to hear others views if you have used.
11 March 2015 12:10:46
Do they allow you to choose where the landlords have the property or just where they live?
11 March 2015 23:04:05
Sounds great. Hopefully the data will be up to date too. Will look into this.
Elaine Birtwistle
19 May 2015 13:20:09
Hi I am just setting up as a Sales and Letting Agent in the Bury area - Greater Manchester. Can you tell me how many landlords you have listed with properties in this area
Claire Parkin
17 June 2015 22:49:31
The company I ised to work for bought this database. We couldn't believe how well it went we where busy with appraisals for weeks after. Not in the Industry at the minute but trying to set up on my own! Wish me luck! - Joe I will 100% be in touch
13 July 2015 13:38:54
I would like more information on the service you provide regarding finding landlords in a certain area.
07 October 2015 14:55:31
15 October 2015 11:04:55
I would like to get the contacts of Commercial property landlords of Epsom,Surrey area. We are a group of highly experienced Building facility staffs,wish to directly contact the landlord for job contracts.

08 December 2015 12:22:27
Am Farhana working Carter Reeves looking to a get list of local landlords in area of WC1 area of London. if you can be any assitance to us, we be very grateful to hear from you and look forward to working with you.
We await for a reponse from you.
05 January 2016 14:40:50
it seems the question about the data being fresh & up-to-date and location has not been answered throught the thread. Is this this simply data that was collated in 2011 and re-used and re-sold over and over again ?
13 April 2016 17:51:56
Hi I am looking for the Landlords name and contact details for 8 Cricketers Mews Newcastle-under-Lyme ST5 0GZ to put in a offer to rent the property,many thanks.
21 April 2016 12:45:40
I'd like to get more information about finding landlords as well as your services
06 June 2016 12:19:10

how often is the database updated? I am focusing on the liverpool area, what sort of numbers can you provide for that area?

26 July 2016 13:03:31
Good afternoon, We are working for a client that is looking at property owners and private landlords within the SE10 area.How many private landlords details do you have in SE10 and do you have any details on property owners there?
16 November 2016 21:58:29
Hello, my names Ahmed, I'm 19 years old and want to get into properties by starting my own letting agent.
If you own a property anywhere in London please contact me.
22 December 2016 13:54:14

We are looking to purchase a landlords database?