A more visual way of seeing who visits your website

02 December 2011

Those of you using Google Analytics on a regular basis might have noticed some great changes during the last few weeks, assuming you've updated to using the new version.

The new features include visitor and goal flow charts, real-time visitor stats, the ability to monitor slow pages - and a favourite of ours, a keyword cloud.

The lucky readers who possess a Modern Estate Agent mouse mat will have seen similar clouds many times. :o) 

Google Analytics Keyword Cloud

The keyword cloud tool is all about visualising the keywords your visitors used to find your website on Google. The bigger the word, the more people who found you using it.

But it is quite well hidden..

To find it click into Traffic Sources from your Dashboard, expand Sources > Search and then select Overview. From there, you need to select Keyword from your 'Viewing' bar and finally the Term Cloud option from the 'View' dropdown.

Easy huh?

How to find the Google Analytics Keyword Cloud

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05 December 2011 12:15:48
have you also considered woopra for analytics, and interesting concept and you can even chat to your visitors live. Via a pop up screen.
05 December 2011 13:11:05
Paying for something Google Analytics does so well for free is a strange one. I'm not all that keen on real time analytics, as I can feel they are just an excuse to waste time!

The live chat service is something we offer our agents, but it isn't all that well used to be honest (by the public or the agents!).

15 December 2011 10:19:07
It's nice to find another property website that's as into technology as we are.

My latest gimmick is to ask people to Google "The Best Property Website Ever". Go on, you know you want to.

When you get there, feel free to leave a comment and create a link back.
15 December 2011 10:22:46
Hi Mark,

Afraid Google tells us it's Home.co.uk, but I'm sure they'll be very pleased to hear it! ;o)