The ASA rule against personal estate agent franchises again

12 December 2011

Eighteen months on from the ASA ruling against Spicerhaart and they are still struggling to come to terms with the personal Estate Agent model.

A new ruling against Century 21 concluded that the public are still likely to make the assumption that an 'office' must be a physical one.

It's clear that 'office' is not a good word, but the ASA statement is a concern: "We told Century 21 United Kingdom that they should only list locations in which they had physical offices."

iSold say they are 'available in .. locations'. Does that help? We have asked the question of the ASA and will post an update when we have their response.

The online franchise model is a growing influence in UK estate agency - indeed, is part of the vision Government have for modernising the industry.

It's time the ASA got a grip on how to handle it.

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12 December 2011 20:28:51
Personally I feel as though the ruling is a fair one.
26 December 2011 05:05:12
Would be interested to know the response of ASA..
03 January 2012 09:39:13
So would we, but we've not had a response from them as yet sadly!
09 January 2012 12:17:11
I think it's clear that the ASA have clearly lost control of handling the online franchise model in UK estate agency.

I think the next 12 months will be vital for ASA to get a handle on it.
31 January 2012 11:06:48
Online = better value = happy customer! Surely? ASA run by grandads I suspect!
Forces Property
13 February 2013 12:58:23
Having looked at both rulings I agree that it is a fair ruling. If you say office it is interpreted as a physical office.
They could have rephrased their ad to incorporate terms like: local property advisor/sales team/specialist or such like, rather than office.