Simon Fisher does Movember

04 November 2011

It's that time of year when the annual Movember "moustache growing charity event" takes over the faces of many a gent across the country.

Simon Fisher of Absolute Estate Agents in Torquay has agreed to put his mo growing abilities on the line for our amusement (and a donation), with the promise of regular photographic updates on his upper lip hair growth.

If you'd like to thank Simon for keeping us amused, you can donate to the cause here.

Day 4

Our first update on Simon's Rufus Hound style efforts are upon us.

Day 4 - Simon Fisher's Mo

Simon - we expect close-up evidence of actual hair growth next time! :o)

Day 11

Eleven days in and there are definite signs of hair growth this time Simon. But is that the same shirt as last week? :o)

Day 11 - Signs of hair growth!

Day 20

It's clearly dress-down Sunday at Absolute this week, but which is the real Simon Fisher?

Simon 'Rufus Hound' Fisher

Day 26

Might be time to add a little colour to the mix Simon? (Original image)

Simon Fisher does Hulk Hogan


Final update to come in the week. Please remember to thank Simon for keeping us amused by donating to the cause here.


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11 November 2011 09:48:06
I can confirm that it is indeed my lucky Friday shirt!
11 November 2011 09:50:48
Haha, very good :o)
20 November 2011 20:28:38
That is indeed most disturbing! The one on the right that is...