Will night photography help you stand out on Rightmove?

11 November 2011

Matt Gregory of CJ Hole Estate Agents in Bristol tweeted out a link to one of their Rightmove property listings this morning, reporting that using night photography had boosted their click-through-rate by 48% this week.

Night photography on Rightmove

It's a tactic that has long been recommended for taking stunning shots of Estate Agent window displays - and CJ Hole have made great use of that with their Bishopston branch photo certainly.

CJ Hole Estate Agents Bishopston

The property stands out in the Rightmove listings, but does the photo really do the property justice? I'm not sure. Having been on the market nearly two months, maybe it's the sort of photo-refresh tactic worth trying.

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15 November 2011 15:45:37
I'm so pleased I've seen this post! Having valued a property as it was getting dark last week I noticed how fantastic it looked with the sharp external lighting and the glow of the internal lighting, unfortunately as with a lot of ideas which pop into our busy brains it got pushed to the back as I was rushing to the next appointment. That was until I saw this post, I have just e-mailed our photographer and pulled the thought into reality, lets see if it works! Thank you!
15 November 2011 18:23:18
Thanks for your comment - it's always nice to hear we're of use! :o)

Let us know how you get on?

02 January 2012 17:04:19
The job of that particular image was not to "Do the property Justice". It was to get the property clicked on. A 48% increase says job well done. The remainder of the marketing needs then to take over and do its job.
03 January 2012 09:36:07
That's a fair point, though results and perception of results are not always the same thing of course!
25 January 2012 17:44:12
I'd say the fact that the property was never sold and on the market for 87 days before it was archived says all it has to. These night shots look absolutely terrible and I can only imagine that the click through rate increased due to other estate agents in the area laughing at them and showing their colleagues!
25 January 2012 17:49:56
I think that might be a little bit harsh! Sometimes change alone is enough to get things noticed after all.
03 April 2012 20:36:18
Update: (despite an extremely turbulent four months of sales progression due to financial issues within the lower chain)

Ref my post below 15 November 2011 15:45:37. Having switched the external photography of that particular property to a night time shot, a couple from London called to ask for a viewing of the stunning property with the evening shot that they had just noticed online. A sale was agreed, and the property transaction completed last week. Come the gloomy Yorkshire nights of this year our photographer will definitely be out again.

One small change, one banked fee.

Thank you again.
03 April 2012 20:46:45
That's excellent news, thanks for letting us know :)

09 October 2012 16:32:37
Its funny how I cannot find this property displaying as sold on any website including rightmove plus and how its not on the Land Registry... if it had sold then why is it not on there?... telling porky pies?
25 March 2014 17:48:54
It's great to see posts like this as it reinforces how important and valuable professional photography is.
20 August 2015 12:17:58
It is impossible to know what might sell your home, using as many different approaches as possible may well be a great idea - why not!
27 August 2015 09:12:42
I don't know that I'd agree with "impossible to know".

Selling houses isn't complicated. Set the price correctly taking into account demand, location and the property itself, then do a great job of the marketing :)
16 June 2016 15:25:26
We read the same tip about night photography on a USA real estate blog. It certainly makes the property jump out of the page among other ordinary listings.