Lazy estate agent canvassing

08 September 2010
Posted in Canvassing

Every reader of this blog should know by now what a big fan I am of developing a niche for your business. A way of setting yourselves apart from the pack, so that you're the obvious choice for a given section of the market.

But, even for those agents who are happy fighting out the middle ground, surely sending identical touting letters to those your competitors use can only harm your business?

There's two agents here in Crawley who use almost exactly the same wording:

In the main, it's not a bad follow-up canvassing letter. It empathises with a potential problem, gives credability to the agent's expertise and calls the owner to action. The wording might be a little strong, but it's a reasonable basis to work with.

But if I received two of these, from two different agents, that credability is instantly dashed. The agents are left simply looking lazy and my business goes elsewhere.

Are any of you also using this wording?!


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10 April 2014 15:05:40
Hi i have done a canvassing letter and was wondering if you would be able to have a read and give me some feedback.

kind regards.