Being different with estate agent boards

14 September 2010

There's a bit of a conversation thread ongoing over at 4Networking at the moment about estate agents who try to be a bit different with their boards. Something I've blogged about in the past.

Personally, I like things that help set estate agents apart from the competition - help get them remembered.

But what of Gatehouse Estates photo boards? I like the principle, though for me it forces attention away from their branding. I suppose it depends whether boards are more for branding, or are still effective property marketing tools, in your area.

Might it be better to show an internal shot, or even a floor plan? In which case, maybe a full on plastic box of brochures on the post beats the lot?

What do you think?

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14 September 2010 19:52:12
I can see what they are trying to do in regards to be different. However I am unsure what the photo adds in this case.

A think a floor plan could be a better idea. People maybe worried about an internal shot depending on what it shows.
15 September 2010 08:31:54
Thanks for taking the time to comment Jamie :o)

O - T
15 September 2010 14:41:15
Good idea, but the board now looks cheap and very 'For Sale By Owner'. A floor plan/internal picture may be objected to by the owners (for security reasons?). One agent in North Yorks. has a description of the property on their boards.

Does anybody else do this?
16 September 2010 12:05:08
In principle, I like the idea. I am all for agents standing out from their competitors.

Presumably it's pretty expensive and time-consuming to produce boards like this? Does anyone have an idea of costs?

Eric Woodhams
16 September 2010 12:23:29
Interesting point from O-T, I agree there is a risk of that.

I've tweeted the link over to Gatehouse's Twitter account to see if they're willing to share any tips.

28 September 2010 19:46:37
Hi - digital printing means that every single board can be different and it's not expensive. So boards can be personalised/customised by adding plans, photos, descriptive text (all in full colour). Basically, anything that helps sell the property
11 January 2012 15:32:38
A floor plan on a board would surely be an intruders dream!?
22 March 2012 14:27:20
hmm... internal shots or layout would be very useful for squatters or burglars who were just passing by! In principle, we are all for innovation at Signcraft, as we produce state of the art property boards. Perhaps use the energy efficiency rating chart or the stamp duty percentage?!
16 January 2014 10:01:01
On one hand I agree that this photo board definitely draw attention away from the branding, but on the other hand it does help the company stand out. All boards look the same nowadays, you need to be different to get noticed.
31 May 2015 04:56:38
Here's a controversial thought. Remember when dominos sent hundreds of employees onto all the major roads dressed as giant pizza boxes as a one week brand awareness campaign? The thought process behind it was to be so in your face and loud that they became the talk of the town, and not necessarily for the best reasons. The adverts on tv we remember are the ones that got the endorphins flowing through humour, subject relation and inspiration. Not product quality. Be brave, be innovative and remember 'boards breed boards' and to attract a mate, being square and repetitive won't cut it. Try something with a subtle logo, bold brand colour scheme and, 'another 'another dream come true, we do it for you.' Less focus on how amazing you are, and more focus on the clients most valuable asset - someone's dream home. Food for thought - what do you think?