A-Z of things estate agents should blog about

29 June 2010

One of the most common objections I hear against starting a business blog is not knowing what to blog about. Yet, your blog is the perfect cornerstone for your social media activity.

Here's my A-Z of things estate agents should blog about:

  • Advice on preparing a property for the market.
  • Bargain listings.
  • Case studies and success stories.
  • Dates for the diary.
  • Events.
  • First time buyer guides.
  • Guest blogs with tips from related local firms.
  • How-to guides (‘How to conduct a viewing', ‘How to handle a negotiation', etc.).
  • Industry news.
  • Job adverts (not only a good way of reaching a new audience, but also a subtle communication of your company's core values!).
  • Keyword focused headlines!
  • Local area information.
  • Market activity, trends and statistics.
  • Noteworthy properties.
  • Opportunities to add value.
  • Price guides for different types of local property.
  • Questions your customers should have answers to.
  • Reasons to use an estate agent.
  • Staff profiles and opinions.
  • Top 10 lists (‘Top 10 things to do on a second viewing', ‘Top 10 reasons for living in ‘Brighton', etc.).
  • Useful resources.
  • Valuation advice.
  • Weekly list of wanted properties for applicants struggling to find.
  • X-factors for property appeal (OK, I was getting desperate!).
  • Your company personality.
  • Z-A lists (there's nothing wrong with being different!)
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10 October 2013 11:50:36
Totally agree. "I've been told I need to blog" is one of those red flag phrases I keep my ear open for as it's no reason to blog and indicates the person uttering the words really hasn't thought about it. I think the only reason to blog is because you have an opinion, a cause, an interesting point of view but these'll only get you so far; as a blog writer you need fuel to keep you going and your A-Z list of things for estate agents to blog about is a great help. The key thing is to never forget WHO you are writing the blog for. If you're writing the blog for yourself then the blog will lack keywords that customers would normally use and the blog may appear vain.