Logo tips for start-up estate agents

18 June 2010
Posted in Branding

It's surprising how often we get asked for advice on logo design at PropertyADD. Possibly because our Express package and website combo is very popular with start-up estate agents.

Of course, we do have a couple of designers that we know, like and are keen to recommend, such as Gareth at Dot Design. However, start-ups are often working to a tight budget where professional logo design feels like a bit of a stretch.

It's worth remembering that brand recognition is very important in an industry like estate agency and that makes your logo a big deal. Professionals are experts and already know all of the logo design basics, but if you just can't afford one, here are my tips for some cheaper alternatives:

Don't forget my previous blog on colour psychology either!

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19 June 2010 08:12:50
Good advice. I am in the process of setting up my own agency and although I do have someone I know who is a graphic designer, I think it's good to get a few different designers to come up with ideas. I checked out the link to www.logoinn.co.uk, it looks like a very good service and very cost effective for start-ups.
19 June 2010 14:47:06
Thanks for posting your comment. It's always useful to show a designer examples of what you'd like your logo to be like, even if you only like a couple of elements of a design.

If nothing else, I hope these links can offer that bit of inspiration!