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27 May 2010
Today's guest blog is from Tim Muir of Rightmove. Tim works with agents to maximise their leads and presence on the industry's behemoth and you may also recognise him from presenting Rightmove's member seminars around the country.

"At Rightmove we have recently made some changes to our Click Through Rate measurement to provide agents with a more accurate overview of the popularity of their properties in the eyes of the homemoving public. The new calculation will be based solely on clicks resulting from search activity rather than any additional external links meaning that the Click Through Rate measurement is as accurate as possible. In the process of these changes we have recently been revisiting the role that Click Through Rate plays and what measures an agent can take to get as high a rate as possible.
If you're not sure, when we talk about Click Through Rate we are referring to the number of times a home-hunter chooses to click through from seeing a property's summary details on the search results page, to view more information about the property on its own details page. At Rightmove we see Click Through Rate scores as being vital for agents for the simple calculation…

Higher CTR = More people viewing an agent's properties = More chance of leads!

The presentation of properties is not just a good way of attracting leads. Vendors are becoming increasingly savvy as to how their home should be presented online and a well presented property can also be good way of alerting potential new sellers in the local market to your abilities as an agent.
On that summary page it is important to make sure you offer the best reasons possible for a prospective buyer or tenant to click through to your property.

A good place to start is with the photograph. Simply having one there is crucial - we have found that properties without a main image receive 81% less interest than those that do. However the type of image also plays a key role as there are so many things a photo can tell us. It's important to show a property in the best light possible and be sure to consider details like the conditions the photo was taken in. The clocks have moved forward and we are now into Spring, so pics showing a property that is covered in snow will immediately give the game away that the property has been around for a while. For rental properties, because the tenant is not buying bricks and mortar, then an eye-catching internal shot of the kitchen or lounge can often work better.

We have seen great results from the simple act of swapping and updating property images. One of our lettings agents, Martin & Co in Leamington Spa, contacted us recently asking for some tips on upping the CTR they were achieving around some of their properties. We advised changing the main image on five of their properties to refresh them in the eyes of potential tenants, and within a week all five had been let. If a property isn't getting much interest then something as simple as using a front shot from a different angle or an internal shot from another room as your main image can often make a difference.

Within the information text alongside the main photo on the search results page, agents have a set number of characters to play with. Our advice here is to make the most of the space and really consider what information is necessary to get across the best features of the property. In the above example the description may seem ok, however is it necessary to describe the type of house and location when those were the initial criteria that the user will have searched by? That description takes up around a third of the information given, which could have been used to get across more of the properties key details.

There are tools which you can use to analyse Click Through Rates on your own websites such as Google Analytics. For Rightmove members we provide Rightmoveplus for free as part of an agent's standard membership. Through RM+ agents can get a breakdown of the CTR for each of their properties over a set time period. This is used to pick out which of their stock may need attention in terms of tweaking the way those properties are presented online, and can also be used to provide as an update to sellers and landlords to show how their property is performing."

Tim Muir, Rightmove

I completely agree with Tim that CTR is the most important metric for online marketing. With PropertyADD, the ratio of the number of times a property appears in search listings to the number of click throughs to the full details from the agent's own website forms an invaluable part of the property performance warning indicators that help identify underperforming property listings.

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