A good example of an estate agent canvassing leaflet

01 March 2010
Posted in Canvassing

I've mentioned before that canvassing letters and leaflets are often done badly, but during last week's break, I was quite impressed with one that dropped through from Mann Countrywide. Particularly since the last time I mentioned their marketing, I was a little less generous!

(Click the images to view larger copies)

It does a couple of things quite well. Firstly, it is professionally produced and plays nicely on the house theme with a door to open, which makes it a bit more interesting.

More importantly, it uses real life SSTC examples to give their service credibility, listing the number of viewings, offers and the percentage of asking price achieved. It also includes a subtle hint about the power of open day viewings.

It also doesn't mention the competition or any fees: the "results speak for themselves".

OK, so there are a few holes in it too. The properties listed haven't completed yet. The leaflet doesn't tell you how many of their offices the listings come from, the time period that the properties were marketed across, how long the properties were on the market or what percentage of their stock they represent.

There's also a property that received 6 offers from 4 viewings, which makes you wonder if multiple offers from the same applicants are included.

But it overall, it left me with a positive impression. Job done then.

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28 January 2012 14:36:25
Seems like a good leaflet, an interesting eye-catching image and it says enough to to make you want to open it up and read the finer details.
03 April 2015 17:40:05
It's a nice leaflet, if a little simple.

We use designers for our infographics, leaflets and brochures. What we usually do is provide them with images to work off from sites such as Shutter Stock. Then they make the edits. You're pretty much guaranteed to like what they produce and it looks very profesional.
Chris Arnold
01 November 2015 09:23:05
May be on my own here, but leaflets in general, leave me as a homeowner unmoved. The days of catchy tag lines, unremarkable promises and boastful messages are drawing to a close. Vendors need to share a connection and to understand the agency's core beliefs, convictions and values. Not getting that from any leaflet I have ever seen!