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05 October 2010

It's always nice to be appreciated and Emma's flattering words on her recent Cases Xalo blog do not go unnoticed - thank you! :o)

Emma has recently had a bit of a disappointing response to a brochure written from the perspective of the house for sale - an attempt to do something a little different. (Click the image for a larger version)

For what it's worth Emma, I like the idea. It's always good to stand out from the crowd and there's nothing wrong with showing a little personality.

In some ways it goes back to one of my first posts on this blog, back in  December 2009 - losing customers to win customers is a no bad thing. Being able to suitably differentiate your company from your competitors is ultimately what will determine how successful you are.

What does everyone else think? Have any of you tried anything similar in the UK?

It's probably also worth pointing out that flattering other blog owners into mentioning you is a nice way of building the profile of your blog! :o)

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23 October 2010 23:46:21
I like Emma's brochure. Having written estate agency details for years it can be incredibly tedious having to stick to the same formula all the time.

What I did find however is that quite often people were not prepared to accept the different approach or try something new.

As the market continues its current uncertain path I think that more people will become open to things being done differently and respond more positively.

The best example of doing something different was when one of the partner's in my old firm was dictating a board on a new home and said to the board man 'Five bedrooms, five receptions blah blah blah...'

He meant all the usual stuff that you put on a new home board what he got was the actual copy above and a host of potential purchasers and viewers, and a cartload of great publicity.
27 October 2010 08:41:41
Thanks Harry - certainly agree with you where marketing becomes newsworthy.

Simon Ward of Mr Green Estate Agents is a good recent example of this.

10 December 2010 11:47:36
It might be worth checking out Wellington's property details. They are a new firm in HH and have gained a large amount of publicity by including poetry!
10 December 2010 12:05:40
Certainly some quirky descriptions going on there..

"PRICE RANGE: £259,950 to £279,950. Four bedrooms, three parking spaces, two bathrooms and a cartridge and a pair of skis. I have to be honest the second bathroom is a cloakroom and the cartridge and skis probably won't be for sale but the rest is."

"This is, in our opinion (and maybe yours too?).."

"This 'older style' (never a bad thing) house is situated in a quiet residential road just moments away from the countryside."

Nothing wrong with showing a bit of personality!

14 December 2010 12:54:07
I had a leaflet from Wellingtons through my door asking if I think Estate Agents are overpaid
20 December 2010 14:44:38
A dangerous tactic to be sure, but new agents have to be disruptive (or very niche) to gain market share in their early days!