Top 6 most important property portal networks

23 December 2009

Getting good coverage across a wide range of property portals is critical for good estate agents. Despite this, a recent estate agent advertising report by suggests that the average agent advertises on just 3 of the major portals. 1 in 5 advertise on just one of the major portals and almost 1 in 15 on none of them!

Unsurprisingly, their analysis also suggests that the fewer portals your properties are listed on, the longer your average time on market becomes.

This got me thinking - just what coverage do the major portals get you? After some research, here is a breakdown for the reach for what I consider the top 6 property portal networks.

Rightmove - Still the most popular with agents and the public, but only the one website.

The Digital Property Group -,, (Edit: as of 18 Jan 2010, HomesandProperty is now powered by the Homeflow Network), the 'thisis' network of websites from Northcliffe Media such as - the Evening Standard website - and,, and (Edit: as of 21 Jan 2010, TDPG have bought a 50% stake in - see below) (Edit: as of 1 Feb 2010, TDPG have announced the aquisitions of and, which will both be redirected to the website).

Zoopla - Their recently announced super portal extends far and wide to:,,,, MSN, Yahoo!, Guardian, Tiscali, UpMyStreet and Virgin Media.

Globrix -, and Previously announced as powering in Jan 09, but that site is now powered by (confirmed by Poppy Dinsey at Globrix).

Nestoria -, AOL, Channel4 4Homes,, Daily Express and Independent.

Trinity Mirror Digital Property -,,, and a number of local property websites listed under the first link.

So there we have it, listing your properties on these six gives you some serious coverage. I'll come back to the myriad of other property portals another time - perhaps with a particular focus on free to list options.

Needless to say, a good estate agency management software package will automatically feed your properties to all of the portals so that you can increase your marketing reach without increasing your admin efforts!

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23 December 2009 15:35:08
Those all big guys have 1000 of small sites.As a example Trinity Mirror Digital Property have below sites (This is not full list of site)
31 December 2009 10:36:58 is a free-to-list option that is the 6th most visited site according to ComScore. Globrix is the only other genuinely free option.
31 December 2009 10:52:43
Thanks for the comment Jane - although actually, that's not entirely true. are also free, as are the Homeflow Network and Homes24.

Not to mention the upcoming Google portal..

Then again, this post was really designed to discuss network coverage, rather than simply visits to the core site.

In our experience, this factor is missed by many agents.
28 October 2011 11:32:20
With Zoopla and the Digital Property Group merging the list is going to get shorter. Hopefully the quality of their portals (or the one they end up merging into) will increase for consumers and agents. We have had loads of problems the TDPG recently which they continue to blame on their relocation and the new staff coming in.